About us

Real Flowers provides natural floral arrangements with real flowers that maintain a remarkable permanent bloom for several months. This innovative product is completely natural, biodegradable and allergen free. Whether it be a special occasion, a gift for that special someone or to enhance your business work environment with beautiful and colourful natural flowers, Real Flowers gives a longer lasting impression to what you want to say.

See incredible colours any time of the year. You can choose from a wide range of different colours, so as to best suit your specific needs. These are 100% natural flowers that maintain their look and vibrancy for several months. They are maintenance free and require no water. Save money and time with long life real flowers, you can either buy or rent them. Real Flowers is committed to eco-friendly, non-toxic practices and champions environmentally responsible processes to achieve a reduced carbon foot print. Real Flowers is an Australian owned and run company established in 2008 and trades as Tropical Trade.